Rancho Viejo

According to the “History of the Land” of Rancho Viejo, Texas, in 1942 Mr. L.H. Prichard an oilman from Oklahoma, bought 174 acres of Share 14 of the Espiritu Santo Grant. He built a Spanish-style home known as “Casa Grande” in a peninsula formed by a bend in the Resaca Del Rancho Viejo. At approximately the same time, Dean Porter and his wife, Gladys Sams Porter, bought the adjacent 40 acres to the north and build a residence. That home is now the RVRCC Golf Shop. After several other changes in ownership, Mr. Bill Bass, a Fort Worth developer, bought both properties in 1968/1969, and in 1971 began construction of what would become Rancho Viejo Resort and Country Club.

On January 1980 the area residents decided to incorporate this land, into what is now the city of Rancho Viejo, Texas. As of 2010 census the population of the town was 2,437.

source: city-data.com

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